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Finding New Life In Dating Over 50

The thing about life is that it tends to get in the way of our fun, our plans, even our happiness. Certainly, our desires and beliefs are challenged diurnally. Two of the great aspects to this are death and divorce, both of which force us to re-evaluate ourselves, our lifestyles, and who we will be with in our golden years. Luckily, there IS life to be found when datingover 50, and life does go on with such practice.

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Dating over 50 years of age is nothing to be ashamed of, first of all. Many people, particularly those who are married, have children, and then experience divorce or worse, the death of their beloved spouse, feel that they are walking on highly fragile egg shells that protect land mines. The truth is, there is a guilt that is felt, whether for one’s deceased spouse, or for one’s children. Yet, if our children love us, as they surely do, then they understand the realities of loneliness.

Loneliness is probably the number one reason for dating over 50. We simply don’t want to be alone, particularly as we grow older, feebler, and less certain of our health and future. This also entices another common feeling, that of need for security.

When two people live together, not only are they keeping each other company, but also assured, as having a person to support you in your emotional and financial needs is gravely important, particularly once we’ve stepped into our fifth decade.

Dating over 50, however, is not merely about bulwarking our securities and hopes, but also about having fun. The truth is that we need not be young to feel young. Being happy with our station in life is half of that fun. Not only is each new year another adventure in existence, but also in basic learning about ourselves and others of a comparable age group.

So if life has dealt out a few harsh lashes, accept them, but do move on. For every bad situation in life, such as death and divorce, there are also an equal number of joys, such as a new lover coming into your life, ready to share and to experience you.

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